You Look Great

When John Byler's life was changed by a TBI, he was completely unprepared for what would come next. As he began to engage with the brain injury community he discovered that his story, and his struggle, was far from unique.

Every single day people sustain brain injuries and are tossed around a medical system that doesn’t know how to help or what to do.

As a result, John set out to write the book that he needed when he was diagnosed with his TBI.

This book:

  • Provides a comprehensive framework for recovery
  • Walks you through the stages of recovery: Awareness, Adjustment, and Acceptance
  • Helps you determine who needs to be on your recovery team
  • Gives you simple strategies for managing life with TBI
  • Helps you communicate more effectively with health care providers, family, and friends
  • Gives you the tools to navigate the incredibly confusing world of disability insurance
  • Outlines your rights as a brain injury survivor with your employer to prevent them from cutting you off
  • Demystifies the complicated medical reality of brain injuries breaking it down into easy to understand language
 Dr. Ammar Hadi reading John's book

Dr. Ammar Hadi reading John's book


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