As a non-profit, we are dependent largely on volunteers to carry out our missions. As we grow and expand, we will be embarking on a number of volunteer projects, as well as ongoing volunteer initiatives. This page is where we will catalog our volunteer initiatives and announce volunteer projects.

The BISON Braid

Living with a TBI is difficult to say the least. Even in mild cases, it can be difficult to properly take care of yourself. Whether it be financial obligations, like budgeting or paying bills on time, or socializing with other people, cleaning your living space, or just making yourself a home cooked meal, TBIs can affect the brains ability to perform these simple tasks.

That’s where the BISON Braid comes in.

The BISON Braid is a group of compassionate and dedicated people who make in-home visits to TBI survivors and help with all of these operational needs. Whether it’s as little as making a simple meal and sitting and talking, or as much as cleaning and organizing a living space, constructing a budget, and getting bills paid, volunteers for the BISON braid are more than willing to help.