As partnerships are established and begin to prosper, BISON would like to directly help survivors get the treatment they need.

BISON Retreat and Recovery Centers

Again, receiving treatment for a Traumatic Brain Injury is confusing. Our ultimate goal as an organization is to correct the rampant misunderstanding and misdiagnoses surrounding TBIs.

The BISON braid relieves much of the operational stress of life with a TBI.

As we expand, we can relieve that stress for more and more people.

Once we are nationwide, we can conduct a large-scale study on the most effective treatment methods.

Once that study is complete, we establish partnerships between medical schools, rehab hospitals, and independent practitioners to make the most effective treatment methods easier to find. We can also endorse the most effective non-medical treatments with the BISON Seal of Approval.

The culmination of all of these efforts are the BISON Retreat and Recovery Centers.

BISON Retreat and Recovery Centers would be world-class facilities containing everything TBI survivors would need to get better. TBI survivors would live on-site, and have their operational needs taken care of by teams of caring professionals. They would socialize with other survivors, making friendships, partnerships, and networks that will support them as they recover. On the recovery side, the treatment methods found to be most effective will be offered on-site, utilizing resources and practitioners from the BISON Partnership Network. Businesses that had earned the BISON Seal of Approval could also operate on-site.

Survivors who can afford treatment at BISON Retreat and Recovery Centers would pay reasonable prices. Those who can’t would have several options. If they are able to work, they may be able to get a job at one of the on-site businesses to assist in paying for treatment. If they are unable to work, they could have their treatment partially or completely paid for by the BISON foundation. No matter what the circumstances are, no survivor would be in debt because of the cost of treatment at one of our centers.