Many hands make Light Work. It’s an age-old saying, one that rings true in almost every situation. Here at the BISON foundation, we are working diligently to establish partnerships that will help TBI survivors find the best treatment they can receive. These partnerships will take two main forms.

The 88 Keys to Recovery

As mentioned on the Research page, finding treatment for a TBI is confusing at best. There are so many types of specialists with so many options each, and trying them all to figure out which works best for you is difficult to say the least.

The 88 Keys to Recovery would be one step towards solving that problem.

The 88 Keys to Recovery is a networking model wherein BISON would facilitate partnerships between medical schools, rehabilitation hospitals, and independent professionals. This network would include practitioners of any TBI-related treatments, and would allow TBI survivors to know what their options are, and quickly transition between treatments until they find the treatment that best suits their needs.

The BISON Seal Of Approval

Just as Traumatic Brain Injuries impact every part of a person’s life, so do we want to assist in every part of a survivor’s life.

The BISON Seal of Approval is exactly what it sounds like. We will be endorsing products, services, and businesses that we believe in. These would be businesses that are transparent in their practices, treat their employees and suppliers well, offer their products for reasonable prices, and don't take advantage of their customers through overstated claims or false promises.

Essentially, we want the BISON Seal of Approval to be something that a survivor can see, and know that they are getting a good product.