Brain Injury Operations

When you sustain a brain injury, your life changes.  

Recognizing these changes, embracing them, and learning how to handle new challenges will make all the difference in post-injury life.

BISON founder, John Byler, spent decades as an instructional designer in big corporations developing and teaching processes to help make these companies more efficient and profitable.

Since his injury, he has dedicated his life to helping those with a brain injury to have a more fulfilling life.

BISON'S approach is to develop strategies and tactics specifically designed to ease the burden of difficult tasks, manage the stresses of life, and design your life to maximize your new strengths.

Brain Injuries force you to learn how to deploy your mental energy more strategically, calibrate your social interactions, and learn how to do daily tasks more efficiently.

The key to a successful and fulfilling life is to understand that there are strategies, systems, and processes designed to help you overcome the new challenges and experiences you face.