Much like the brain itself, Traumatic Brain Injuries are incredibly complicated.

When two different people break their arms, the treatment is essentially the same.

But because everyone's brain is unique, everyone's symptoms are different.

Understanding the uniqueness of brain injury is the first step to understanding your treatment options.

Photo by fotostorm/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by fotostorm/iStock / Getty Images


We walk you through the process of getting a PROPER diagnosis. Stories abound of people who go YEARS with improper and complete diagnoses.

Without understanding what has happened to you, you simply can't move forward.

The proper diagnosis may require more than one specialist and more than type of test. CT scans are not enough.  We will give you the information you need to help advocate for yourself to get a full and complete diagnosis for your care providers.


Once you get your diagnosis, you will need to begin (or change) your treatment.

Brain injuries are complicated and can require a complicated set of different treatments, including: medications, speech language therapies, herbal remedies, acupuncture, and physical therapies to manage, relieve, and overcome symptoms associated with your injury. 

You don't have untangle this web of treatments alone.

We help you navigate this complicated web of treatments so you can live your best life.

Photo by sudok1/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by sudok1/iStock / Getty Images