As of right now, the BISON Foundation is based in Wichita, Kansas. We’re very happy with our current setting, and we recognize the amount of work that needs to be done just in Wichita.

Unfortunately, Traumatic Brain Injuries occur all over the United States.

As noted on the Resources page, the Brain Injury Association of America, and local Brain Injury Associations across the US, do a decent job of providing support and advice to TBI survivors and their families. However, in our opinion, there is a lot of room to improve.

As we grow in size and resources, we would like to set up BISON chapters across the United States, to serve as compliments to BIA's where they exist, and to fill the gap where they do not. These chapters will carry out local volunteer initiatives, facilitate partnerships, and establish professional networks across the United States, and spread awareness for traumatic brain injuries.