"I didn't know i would feel so lonely"

If you are sporting crutches people know you have an ankle injury. If you have trouble with memory, cognition, or other mental functions people think you are just dumb.

You are not dumb.

Acquaintances and coworkers, and even family members often have trouble communicating with you.

The result? Profound loneliness.

The vast majority of TBI survivors are living a confused and lonely existence.  They live without adequate support from the important people in their life and without the understanding and affirmation that we all need.

At the BISON Project, we know that you need two distinct types of support to maximize your recovery and live your best life-your recovery team and your survivor team.

We walk you through developing a dedicated cross-functional recovery team that will maximize your quality of post-injury life.  This team will often include of case managers or social workers, speech language pathologists, neurologists, psychologists, neuropsychiatrists, and a brain injury lawyer.

Each brain injury is different, so we walk you through the process of constructing a team of experts designed around your specific situation and specializing in different areas to help bring healing to your life.

We also aim to bring together a community of those affected by TBI for mutual support and assistance.  We know how lonely it is to struggle every single day with something that most of the people in your life have no clue about.

We know how hard it is to give words to the profound struggle some days.

Sometimes you just need a place to go where others really understand and know that you are not making your symptoms up. You need a place where no one will tell you, “just get over it.”

We know that an effective community of mutually supportive members can bring hope, stability, engagement, and fulfillment to your life.