Brain Injury Support, Operations, and Neurology


If there is one thing we know at the BISON project, it is that brain injuries effect every area of life because your brain affects every area of life.

When you sustain a traumatic Brain injury (TBI), even a "mild" traumatic brain injury, your life dramatically changes.

Here at the BISON Project, we are pioneering a new and better way to help those affeced by TBI to manage symptoms, find strategies for effective living, and empower individuals and families with knowledge about treatment options.

Our mission is to help you or your loved one live their BEST life post injury.


You are more than your brain injury.


What do you do when people don't know how to respond to your brain injury?

There is support available. There are people who understand.

There are operational changes you can make that can positively effect your daily life.

There are neurological advancements to help.

This is what we teach.




Find your community

You can thrive in life with a TBI, but you can't do it alone.  Find out about the two types of community that will help you live your best possible life.

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understand the difference in life with a TBI 

Learn about tested strategies, dependable techniques, and proven tactics to help improve your quality of life.



medical advancements and treatments

Medical information about the brain is dense, complicated, and hard to understand.  Get clarity about your TBI, with simple and easy to understand language.


additional help for those in need

There are a lot of great resources specifically designed for TBI survivors and families.  Learn about how they can help you.

John worked in corporate education until one accident changed his life.

As founder of the BISON project and author of "You Look Great", John Byler has used his TBI as a catalyst to change the lives of countless individuals with TBI.  For more than a decade John has been pioneering a better approach to living a life post TBI.


Frustrated with the futile approach adopted by the majority of the medical community and unnecessary damage that it causes for people with TBI, John has developed a comprehensive and holistic approach t dealing with TBI that empowers YOU to live your best life.